Management Board

The Management Board members are jointly accountable for independently managing the company in the company’s best interests while complying with the applicable laws and regulations, the Articles of Association and the rules of procedure. In doing so, they must take the interests of the shareholders, the employees and other stakeholders into account.

The Management Board, which must be made up of at least two members, is appointed by the Supervisory Board, whereby the term of office must not exceed six years and the employment contract is automatically terminated when the member turns 67. The Management Board is monitored and advised by the Supervisory Board. It has adopted the rules of procedure in consultation with the Supervisory Board. The Management Board has a chairman who coordinates the work of the Management Board and represents it in dealings with the Supervisory Board. The Chairman of the Management Board has the right to veto Management Board resolutions.

The members of the Management Board are Rolf Buch (Chairman) as well as Klaus Freiberg, Dr. A. Stefan Kirsten and Gerald Klinck. Further information is to be found in the 2016 Annual Report.

The Management Board informs the Supervisory Board regularly, in due time and comprehensively in line with the principles of diligent and faithful accounting in accordance with the law and the reporting duties specified by the Supervisory Board.

The Management Board develops the company’s strategy, coordinates it with the Supervisory Board and implements it. The Management Board ensures that all statutory provisions and the company’s internal policies are complied with. The Management Board also ensures appropriate risk management and risk controlling in the company.

It submits the corporate planning for the coming fiscal year to the Supervisory Board as well as the midterm and planning. The Management Board informs the Supervisory Board Chairman without delay of important events that are essential for the assessment of the situation and the development of the company or for the management of the company as well as of any shortcomings that occur in the monitoring systems.

The Management Board requires the approval of the Supervisory Board for certain important transactions. Transactions and measures that require Supervisory Board approval are submitted to the Supervisory Board in good time.

The Management Board members are obliged to disclose any conflicts of interest to the Supervisory Board without delay and to inform the other Management Board members accordingly.

The Management Board members are subject to a comprehensive non-competition obligation. Management Board members may only take up sideline activities, in particular positions on supervisory boards outside the Group, with the approval of the Supervisory Board.

Important transactions between the company, on the one hand, and the Management Board members as well as persons they are close to or companies they have a personal association with, on the other hand, require the approval of the Supervisory Board. Reference is made to such relations in the remuneration report.

Cooperation Between the Management Board and the Supervisory Board

The Management Board develops the strategy of the company in cooperation with the Supervisory Board and discusses the current status of its implementation with the Supervisory Board at regular intervals. Furthermore, the Management Board regularly informs the Supervisory Board in written or verbal reports of topics including the development of business and the situation of the company. In this way, the Supervisory Board receives detailed documents from the Management Board regularly and without delay on the economic development and the company’s current situation as well as a half-yearly risk management report that deals with the most important risks for the business of Vonovia SE. On the basis of these reports, the Supervisory Board monitors the company’s management by the Management Board.

Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

In the fiscal year, there were no conflicts of interest of Management Board or Supervisory Board members, which are to be reported immediately to the Supervisory Board.

The “Strategic” subportfolio contains locations that offer development potential that is above average and for which we are pursuing a value-enhancing property management strategy.